Our Programs

The Noble Academy is blessed to have an inspiring team and excellent curriculum to help your child get an education that is a safe and fun environment.

Our educational programs include:

The Noble Infant Program:

OUR STAFF: holds them; talks to them; takes care of their personal needs; sings & reads to them; makes their environment safe; nurtures strong relationships.

The Noble Toddler Program:

OUR STAFF: talks with them; makes sure their physical needs are met; removes temptations before they become problems; cuddles them; make their environment a safe place to play in and explore.

The Noble Two-Year-Old Program:

OUR STAFF: sets up daily routines; notices what they do; praises them; gives them two O.K. choices; redirects them when they begin to say “No”; is firm with them about the rules, but calm when they forget or disagree.

The Noble Three-Year-Old Program:

OUR STAFF: sets limits for their protection, and for others; lets them know clearly what is or isn’t expected; reads to them; talks and listens to them; gives them the security of love and the assurance that they are valued.

The Noble Four-Year-Old Program:

OUR STAFF: labels objects and describe what’s happening to them, so they can learn new words and things; reads to them; talks and listens to them; is patient with them; is loving, affectionate and understanding.

The Noble Five-Year-Old Program:

OUR STAFF: answers their questions; encourages them to try new things; allows them the opportunity to show their “expertise”; understands their strong feelings about “fair play” and rules.

The Noble Academy Before & After School Program:

OUT STAFF: helps with homework; serves healthy snacks; interacts with recreation (music, art, outside time, center time); committed to family; mixes fun with learning.

The Noble Academy Lil’ Dance Starz Enrichment Program:

OUR STAFF: offers pre-dance; beginning level & advanced techniques; as well as basic tumbling.

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